Market Your Website

Having a snazzy web site is only just the start.
For a website to be successful it must first be found by your potential customers, secondly be inviting and encourage them to visit, and then finally turn those visitors into customers.
Effective website marketing is therefore arguably one of the most important steps of any website design.
At Emerald Web Design we will work with you to market your site, to ensure that it is included in all the important search engines and online directories relevant to your business.
We will go the extra step with you, to understand your business, understand your competition and ensure that your customers can find you.
Our service doesn't end their either, we will also provide you with some helpful marketing tips to ensure that your website is out there in the right places.
Remember that the aim of your website should be to market your business. To make sure people can find you and then encourage them to take action by either buying your product or service, or contacting your business.