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Terms and Conditions


Website Marketing

Please be aware that while there is no guarantee about where on a search engines results your business will appear. At Emerald Web Design we do our very best to work with our clients and ensure that their website ranks as high as possible in search engine results.


Emerald Web Design takes no responsibility for any copyright infringements caused by materials supplied by the client. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that any content (images, graphics, video, audio or text) supplied for use on their website can be used for that purpose. Emerald Web Design reserves the right to refuse any material unless adequate proof of copyright is given to use such material.
Open source software is supplied pursuant to the GNU licence.


Internet Browser Compatibility

Emerald Web Design ensures that any website we build will function correctly when viewed with current web browsing software Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox. However, due to the variation between different browsers, however we cannot guarantee that as new versions of browsers are released the site will continue to function correctly.



Emerald Web Design has a simple payment policy for our website projects.

Payments are structured as follows:
•    50% to commence the website design
•    50% on completion of the website design
•    Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting fees are due at commencement

Completion of the "Website Design" is when we provide you with a functioning website design to specification as per the Design Agreement.  If we have not received feedback or content (text and images) from you in a timely fashion, then we reserve the right to issue the final invoice and for that to be paid within the specified time.

Your website will be turned on and made live on the internet when you have approved the site and final payment has been received.

These payment terms will only vary if the job is particularly large and we need to schedule an additional progress payment.

Because we work on a fixed price quotation, you will not be in for any nasty little surprises when all the work has been done - even if it takes a lot more time than we thought!

When you accept our quotation for your job, we will email you a Tax Invoice which will include our bank details for payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). As soon as we have received the first payment, we will get started on your website.

All work remains the property of Emerald Web Design until final payment is received.



Either party may terminate the Design Agreement at any time by providing notice in writing to the other party.The initial payment of 50% is not refundable once work has commenced. There shall be no exceptions to this rule.

All work performed by Emerald Web Design up to the date of termination and over the value of the initial payment will then become due, and is payable within 7 days.
All work that has been completed to the point of Termination will be delivered to the client once payment is received in full.



All agreements entered into with Emerald Web Design will be deemed to have been made within the State of South Australia.  All agreements will be governed by the laws of South Australia.